About Us

TOP ROW (L-R): Dana Belcastro, Jeanette Volturno, Sara Fischer, Cristen Carr Strubbe
BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Kimberly Rach, Mary Ann Marino, Monica Levinson, Noelle Green

Women’s Production Society (WPS) is a social organization comprised of Physical Production Executives, primarily VP and above working in Film, Television, Streaming and other Media. With a membership of over 80 Executives, we have representatives of every Major Film & Television studio along with Streaming services of Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Hulu, Google, as well as Independent Film Production companies. What started as a periodic social gathering, Women’s Production Society, has blossomed into a powerful action group with the purpose to fulfil our mission statement: To promote the hiring of women in leadership roles in Film, Television and New Media.